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Adventure navigation system

The bluetooth remote for your adventures.


You can select diffent modes for different apps: Roadbook, Navigation Music, DMD2


Fully compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and tables.


Resistant to water and sand/dust. IP67 button and joystick certification.


  • IP67 buttons and joystick
  • Roadbook, navigation, media and DMD2 modes
  • LED mode indicator
  • Bluetooth LE
  • Fully compatible with Android and iOS
  • The electronics are inside the remote. No external case need.
  • USB or 12VDC output of your bike. (5-20 VDC Power input range.)
  • WiFi updates available (OTA)


The remote is easy to mount in the handlerbar of your bike. Joystick and buttons in ergonomic position. You can plug or unplug the waterproof power connector.


You can power the remote with 12V or USB.

Compatible apps

Guru Maps


Piste Roadbook

Rally Roadbook Reader

Rally System

F2R Rally Tripmeter


We are working in new apps! Any suggestion? Contact us!

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